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DATA : 13/03/2020
HORA: 14:00
LOCAL: sala 407, 4º andar, Bloco B, Campus SA da Fundação Universidade Federal do ABC, localizada na Avenida dos Estados, 5001, Santa Terezinha, Santo André, SP

Analysis of frequency support from wind generators in electrical power systems

GRANDE ÁREA: Engenharias
ÁREA: Engenharia Elétrica
SUBÁREA: Sistemas Elétricos de Potência
ESPECIALIDADE: Transmissão da Energia Elétrica, Distribuição da Energia Elétrica

The operation of the electric power system has undergone changes due to the increase in wind generation connected to the power systems. One of the outstanding changes is the reduction of the system's inertia. Unlike synchronous generators, wind generators, due to the connection to the electrical network by power electronics converters, do not present an inertial response. In this sense, reducing the system's inertia results in higher frequency excursions in cases of system disturbances. As a result, a requirement that has been adopted by system operators in several countries, which is already present in Brazil, called synthetic inertia, requires frequency support from wind generators. This requirement is intended to reduce the minimum frequency reached by the system in the event of disturbances. To provide this support, the generators inject part of the kinetic energy of their rotor into the electrical network until the speed regulators of the synchronous generators restore the frequency. After this restoration, the wind generators recover the energy released during the frequency support period. In this work, an analysis of the frequency support performed by wind generators that employ double fed induction generators is performed, considering the different methods used in wind generators for synthetic inertia, with emphasis on the requirement currently in force by the National System Operator. For that, simulations are carried out in ANATEM, CEPEL software.

Presidente - Interno ao Programa - 1669195 - AHDA PIONKOSKI GRILO PAVANI
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 1671344 - JULIO CARLOS TEIXEIRA
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Externo ao Programa - 2328639 - ADEMIR PELIZARI
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 1907748 - ALFEU JOAOZINHO SGUAREZI FILHO
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