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DATA : 05/02/2020
HORA: 14:00
LOCAL: sala 308 -1 3º andar, Bloco A, Torre 1, Campus SA da Fundação Universidade Federal do ABC, localizada na Avenida dos Estados, 5001, Santa Terezinha, Santo André, SP

Biochemical Methane Potential Determination in Municipal Solid Waste from the Santo André Regional Integrated Supply Company

ÁREA: Multidisciplinar

The organic waste produced by supply centers, open markets and even supermarket chains correspond to a very significant portion of the total waste generated by them. Their energy recovery through anaerobic digestion may be an interesting alternative to reduce the amount of waste to be sent to landfills, increasing their useful life. The aim of this study is to determine the theoretical and experimental biochemical methane potential (BMP) and the anaerobic degradability of the municipal solid waste (MSW) generated at the Santo André Regional Integrated Supply Company (CRAISA) through anaerobic digestion assays in batch reators as well as to evaluate the fraction of the sample wich is recalcitrant to the anaerobic digestion process. The analyzes were carried out at the UFABC Biogas Production Process Laboratory, located at the São Bernardo do Campo campus (Omega Block- L008) and at the Fuel Energy Analysis and Transformation Laboratory, at the Santo André campus (L Block - L503 ), except for the elemental analysis that was performed at the Analytical Instrumentation Center of the Institute of Chemistry of the University of São Paulo. The experimental part consisted of the characterization of the organic matter samples, through the determination of the elemental composition, centesimal and lignocellulosic analysis; and determination of the biochemical methane potential. All analyzes were performed in a triplicate system except the elemental analysis, which was in duplicate. Elemental analysis showed an average content of 38.97 ± 1.01% for C; 5.88 ± 0.08% for H; 1.65 ± 0.07% for N and 32.02 ± 0.58% for O. Centesimal analysis showed an average lipid content of 3.55 ± 0.22%; 4.92 ± 0.25% for protein; 42.01 ± 2.06% for crude fiber and 42.33 ± 2.26% for nonstructural carbohydrate. The lignocellulosic analysis presented an average percentage, calculated from the centesimal composition (crude fiber content) of 27.78 ± 1.74% for the cellulose content; 9.52 ± 1.08% for hemicellulose content and 4.71 ± 0.95% for lignin content. The estimated theoretical BMP from the elemental composition was 515.4 ± 13.4 mL CH4 / g SV and the estimated theoretical BMP from the centesimal composition was 233.9 ± 8.8 mL CH4 / g SV. The experimental determination of the BMP was performed by an equipment that monitors in real time the methane generation (Automatic Methane Potential Test System - AMPTS II). This experimental determination was subdivided into 2 steps: in the first one three CRAISA samples collected at different dates were analyzed and in the second one a composite mixture containing the 3 samples used in experiment 1 was analyzed. The reactors remained in operation for 41 days. At the end of the monitoring period, an average accumulated methane production was recorded for experiment 1 of 197.7 ± 48.8 Nml / g VS and for experiment 2 of 180.4 ± 9.9 Nml / g VS. The sample with the largest reduction in substrate was the mixture of the three samples, with a reduction in volatile solids content of 54.71%. The results show that the evaluated organic residues have a high concentration of biodegradable matter that can be adequately treated by the anaerobic digestion system, resulting in a high methanization potential, constituting an interesting, viable and efficient alternative for the treatment of organic residues. from supply centers.

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