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DATE: 27/10/2023
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Generation of electric power based on the use of low speed tidal current converters 

PAGES: 182
AREA: Multidisciplinar

There is global concern about finding short-term solutions for converting abundant sources of
efficient and safe renewable energy, as fossil fuels are finite. This sparked interest in new
sources capable of replacing them to meet a large part of energy needs around the world. In
general, the disadvantage of using renewable sources is their dependence on the forces of
nature, in addition to being available only in appropriate locations and during seasonal periods.
Among the various existing ones, renewable energies from the sea are considered promising,
with energy from tidal currents standing out. Tides are characterized as long waves, of surface
gravity, generated by the gravitational interaction between the Moon and the Earth and, to a
lesser extent, the Sun with the ocean. The city of Santos, located on the São Paulo Coast, was
the area chosen for this research, as it is one of the most important regions on the entire Brazilian
coast, standing out in the industrial, economic, environmental and tourist sectors. The Port of
Santos, considered the largest port in Latin America, is located in the city of Santos. Due to the
energy supply uncertainties faced by the port, the objective of this work is to propose a study
in the Santos area to validate the possibility of installing low-speed tidal devices, since these
devices have smaller dimensions and work at speeds of currents around 1 m/s. To install the
turbines, an assessment of the region is necessary, in order to avoid possible environmental
impacts and harm to activities linked to the Port of Santos, related to navigation, fishing,
recreational activities and the local population. This study was evaluated using a 3D
hydrodynamic model to simulate tidal circulation and determine ideal points for installing the
device. After analyzing the results, it is intended that this research will be a model to be applied
throughout the Brazilian coast.

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