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DATE: 24/10/2023
TIME: 10:00
LOCAL: Sala 211 do Bloco Zeta do Campus de São Bernardo do Campo da Universidade Federal do ABC
Sublimation printed in PA 6.6 kntting with surface modified by non-thermal plasma treatment.

PAGES: 106
BIG AREA: Engenharias
AREA: Engenharia de Produção
SUBÁREA: Engenharia do Produto
SPECIALTY: Desenvolvimento de Produto

The textile industry demands printing processes that are increasingly agile and less harmful to the environment. In this scenario digital printing, with the sublimation transfer printing technique, presents itself as a viable option for use in synthetic fiber textile substrates. Among the synthetic fibers, polyamide fibers (PA) stand out, as they are light and soft, resistant to use and moderate absorption of body sweat however, surface treatment is necessary before sublimation to present good results of fastness to washing and color intensity. This thesis deals with modification the surface of the textile substrate of PA 6.6 by activation of non-thermal plasma at atmospheric pressure to receive dyeing by the sublimation method with disperse dye. The surface activation of the PA 6.6 mesh was performed with the application of plasma at atmospheric pressure in the Plasmatreater AS400 equipment. Sublimation effects were evaluated by washing fastness and Colorimetry tests. To verify the effects of wettability at control sample and the treated sample, the contact angle measurement was performed in PA 6.6. To verify the changes in the functional groups of the fiber, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was performed. The results showed a decrease in textile surface contact angle, 4-5 grayscale results for color change and transfer to wash, and an increase in color strength. In the FTIR tests, an increase in the transmittance value of the aromatic, carboxylic (C=O, 580 cm-1), amides (N=H, 1630 cm-1) and methyl groups (CH, 1369 cm-1 to 1463 cm-1) is observed as well as the presence of new functional groups in the bands of 3064 cm-1 and 2860 cm-1. These conditions allowed sublimation in the polyamide 6.6 mesh and showed an increase in color strength and good washing fastness.

Presidente - Interno ao Programa - 1746153 - FERNANDO GASI
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Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Externo ao Programa - 1914234 - ALEXANDRE ACACIO DE ANDRADE
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