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DATE: 02/10/2023
TIME: 10:00
LOCAL: Via remoto pelo link: https://conferenciaweb.rnp.br/webconf/gilberto-2

Biomethane from municipal solid waste in Brazil: Elements for regulatory coherence between national biofuel and waste policies.

AREA: Planejamento Energético

The production of biomethane from waste treatment biogas has been strongly encouraged in Brazil and has experienced an accelerated growth in recent years. Capture and upgrading of landfill gas accounts for a significant part of this resource presently. The expansion of biomethane production in the country is based on the increase in the share of biofuels in the Brazilian energy matrix as way to comply with internationally agreed targets and, consequently, to ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector – a “hard-to-abate” sector. In this sense, and considering that the formulation of public policies for the promotion of this resource plays a relevant role in its development by linking the energy, transport and sanitation sectors, it is appropriate to determine the extent to which the regulatory frameworks of these sectors are harmonised. In more specific terms, this research evaluates the level of integration of the National Biofuels Policy (Renovabio) with the guidelines of the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), particularly in relation to municipal solid waste, since the current stage of biogas exploitation in Brazil relies mostly on waste treatment. The study includes a bibliometric analysis of research on the energetic use of landfill gas, a bibliographic survey of barriers to the energetic use of biogas in Brazil, and an assessment of the intra- and intersectoral coherence of public policies in the sectors related to the production of biomethane from MSW. It was found that Renovabio does not internalise the waste hierarchy provided for in the PNRS to encourage the adoption of more optimised practices for the treatment of MSW and the production of biogas, as opposed to the use of landfill gas. The expected outcome is that adjustments to the Renovabio methodology will be indicated so that the benefits of MSW biodigestion technologies are considered and appropriately balanced with the option of landfill gas utilisation in Brazil.

Presidente - Interno ao Programa - 1548098 - GILBERTO MARTINS
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 963.338.208-49 - SILVIA AZUCENA NEBRA DE PEREZ - UNICAMP
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - SONIA SEGER PEREIRA MERCEDES - UFMG
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 2605882 - JULIANA TOFANO DE CAMPOS LEITE TONELI
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