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DATE: 30/11/2022
TIME: 14:00
LOCAL: Sala 306 do Bloco B do Campus de Santo André da Universidade Federal do ABC

Feasibility analysis of photovoltaic plants with solar tracking system

PAGES: 100
AREA: Planejamento Energético

The Brazilian electric matrix is essentially dependent on hydroelectricity; nevertheless, the
aggravating climate change, with more prolonged droughts and more frequent floods,
threatens this model of energy transformation. Brazil has been investing in solar photovoltaic
generation to diversify the matrix and avoid energy crisis scenarios solar photovoltaic
generation. Currently, solar trackers have been a frequent presence in medium and large
photovoltaic plants, due to their power to maximize the energy conversion process. However,
the use of these tracking devices is only feasible when the benefits achieved with their use
exceed the technology's investment. Given this, the objective of this work is to analyze,
diferente sizes of power plants, and when it is more viable to use solar trackers in Brazil. In
this work diferente small, medium, and large projects will be analyzed. Using simulation
software the estimated production of electric energy of the systems will be analyzed. Then,
through a sensitivity analysis built from economic indicators, the financial viability of the
projects in each region of the country will be verified. The results of this study should provide
investors and policymakers with information and technical subsidies about the use of trackers
in photovoltaic systems, seeking to accelerate the process of diversification of the national
electricity matrix.

Presidente - Interno ao Programa - 2333950 - CONRADO AUGUSTUS DE MELO
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 1632464 - DOUGLAS ALVES CASSIANO
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 2236209 - RICARDO DA SILVA BENEDITO
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 1734918 - PAULO HENRIQUE DE MELLO SANT ANA
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - ANDRE FELIPE SIMOES - USP
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