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DATE: 05/09/2022
TIME: 14:00
LOCAL: https://conferenciaweb.rnp.br/webconf/ricardo-38

Characterization of the solar resource in the ABC Paulista Region for solar photovoltaic generation

PAGES: 141
AREA: Multidisciplinar

The use of systems that generate clean and renewable energy is one of the interferences that, in the long term, can replace the use of energy from finite fossil sources. This measure contributes to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of the concentration of polluting gasses in the atmosphere, which helps to control the greenhouse effect and increase the life quality. In Brazil, even regions with lower levels of solar radiation have great potential for energy use, an important factor for the implementation of systems which use solar energy. In ABC Paulista there are two photovoltaic solar plants installed (Santo André and São Bernardo do Campo), but there are few published works about the solar potential of this region.In this context, this work aimed to characterize the solar potential of ABC Paulista for electricity generation using solar radiation data observed in Automatic Meteorological Stations (EMAs) in the ABC region and its surroundings. Solar radiation data derived from climate reanalysis of the TerraClimate model and radiation data calculated by the SunData v.3.0 program were also used. After the extraction and treatment of solar radiation data, the data were presented in series of hourly average and monthly average for solar irradiance (W/m2), and series of daily average, monthly average and annual average for solar irradiation (kWh/m2 ).Based on the observed solar irradiance data, the highest values found were in the EMAs Ribeirão Pires, São Bernardo do Campo (UFABC), São Bernardo do Campo (CETESB), Santo André-Camilópolis, Vila Vitória, Paraíso and Tanque de Detenção, respectively. For the observed solar irradiation data, the highest averages were found in the EMAs Ribeirão Pires, IAG, Mirante, Interlagos, São Bernardo do Campo, Santo André-Camilópolis, Vila Vitória, Paraíso and Tanque de Detenção. For solar irradiation data from the SunData v3.0 program, the municipalities that presented the highest averages were São Caetano do Sul, Diadema, São Bernardo do Campo/ Santo André, Mauá/ Rio Grande da Serra and Ribeirão Pires.As a conclusion of this study, there will be the validation of the SunData v3.0 program and the TerraClimate reanalysis, through the values obtained by the EMAs. Three scenarios will also be presented (conservative, optimistic and pessimistic), quantifying the potential of solar energy in the municipalities of ABC Paulista.

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