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DATA : 27/04/2022
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Densification of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) shell and hedgehog: analysis of processing conditions and life cycle

ÁREA: Fontes Alternativas de Energia

In the midst of the prospects of scarcity of inputs, the world's gaze turned to the need to search for more sustainable processes, especially in relation to the energy issue. Brazil, despite being a major producer of renewable energies, ends up running into the lack of diversification of its energy matrix, even though it is a country with great soil and climate conditions, mainly for investments in bioenergy. In the north of the country, in the state of Amapá, there is the Cooperativa Mista dos Produtores Extrativista do Rio Iratapuru (COMARU), which works in the extraction of oil from the Brazil nut, this activity ends up generating a large amount of waste, because 1 ton of clean nut generates around 1.4 tons of waste, which are hedgehog and nut shell. One way to seek sustainability for the process is through the densification of these residues seeking their energy use. Therefore, the objective of this work is to analyze the conditions of processing of pellets and briquettes using blends in different proportions of Brazil nut shell and hedgehog and evaluate the life cycle of their production in the Cooperativa Mista dos Produtores Extractives do Rio Iratapuru (COMARU) located in the south of the State of Amapá. The nut shell and hedgehog biomass were collected at COMARU and taken to the Laboratory of Analysis and Characterization of Biomass and Laboratory of Analysis and Energetic Transformation of Fuels, both at the Federal University of ABC, where they will be characterized by means of granulometric analysis, density bulk, ultimate and proximate composition, heating value and composition of the ash, then the effects of processing the production of pellets and briquettes will be densified and analyzed and, finally, their life cycle will be evaluated through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The densification process will be evaluated through a complete 2³ factorial experimental design, with responses to mass variation, volumetric expansion, mechanical strength and energy density. As preliminary results, the biomasses presented low moisture of 12.95%, 10.25% and 10.48%, for hedgehog, shell from the drying process and shell from the peeling process, respectively. Furthermore, according to the proximate and ultimate analysis, the biomasses showed good conditions for thermochemical processes, with high contents of volatile materials and fixed carbon and ash contents below 2.5%. Finally, the heating value of the studied biomass was high, with values above 19 MJ/kg for HHV and above 15 MJ/kg for LHV.

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