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DATA : 11/03/2022
HORA: 14:00
LOCAL: Santo André

Economic Dispatch of Thermoelectric Systems with Realistic Constraints Using the Solver Knitro

GRANDE ÁREA: Engenharias
ÁREA: Engenharia Elétrica
SUBÁREA: Sistemas Elétricos de Potência
ESPECIALIDADE: Geração da Energia Elétrica

The Brazilian electrical system, typically hydrothermal, has an operational profile formulated by the basic strategy of economic optimization, seeking to determine which thermoelectric generating units and what amounts of energy each must produce, in order to supply the demand at minimum costs. The fuel cost of thermoelectric units in the problem of economic dispatch (DE), can be modeled through a quadratic function, however, it must consider realistic effects observed in the operation of the units, mainly secondary, such as: the effect of the valve point, multi-fuel operations and no-operation zones. These effects impose a higher level of complexity on the DE problem. Thus, the problem may present non-linear, non-convex, discontinuous and non-differentiable functions; therefore, it is essential to use reliable optimization tools, capable of providing speed and precision in obtaining optimal values for the problem addressed. In this scenario, the present work aims to perform the use of classical optimization, implemented from mathematical programming and based on Non-Linear Mixed Integer Programming. The proposed modeling was implemented in the AMPL programming language. Optimization is achieved using the Knitro solver with the use of the Branch-and-Bound algorithm to handle the discrete variables. In the analyses, test systems widely adopted by the specialized literature were used, where thermoelectric units are modeled considering their operational restrictions. The results obtained, when compared with other works that employ different optimization techniques, demonstrate that the technique achieved considerable success in the optimization of the analyzed systems, with results superior or close to those obtained by the techniques addressed in the comparative study, and with satisfactory processing times. A test system was proposed to analyze several realistic constraints, in order to measure the errors introduced in the solution, when realistic constraints are neglected in the modeling of the problem. Another contribution is the use of well-known and consolidated platforms in the programming area, the AMPL programming environment and the Knitro tool for economic dispatch, in order to apply their potential to the proposed optimization problem.

Presidente - Interno ao Programa - 1671333 - EDMARCIO ANTONIO BELATI
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Externo ao Programa - 1671336 - HAROLDO DE FARIA JUNIOR
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - ANDRÉ LUIS MARQUES MARCATO
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - EDUARDO WERLEY SILVA DOS ANGELOS
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - FRANCISCO CARLOS RODRIGUES COELHO
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