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DATA : 17/09/2021
HORA: 14:00
LOCAL: Santo André

Investigation of the Value of Electric Energy

GRANDE ÁREA: Engenharias
ÁREA: Engenharia Elétrica
SUBÁREA: Sistemas Elétricos de Potência
ESPECIALIDADE: Transmissão da Energia Elétrica, Distribuição da Energia Elétrica

Electric energy has been growing as an important input in various daily activities, linked to different types of consumers. Thus, the search for a distribution service with a high level of quality and consequent improvement in reliability also grows. Linked to this need there are theories that seek to monetarily value electricity for the most diverse consumers, including the Interruption Cost, which returns with the loss felt by the consumer's perspective through an electrical interruption situation, in R$/kWhinterrupted. In Brazil, the interruption cost theory had its adhesion to regulatory tools to encourage energy quality publicly investigated by the regulatory agency between the years 2013-2017. Even with the recognition of the advance in this area of knowledge achieved through the reports developed as one of the results of this process, under the justification of the need to further develop this topic, immediate effective integration into regulatory objects was not successful. In particular, the residential sector presents challenges for monetizing the losses arising from these electrical failures. The difficulty is linked to the nature of the activities performed by these consumers, which are often linked to leisure, intellectual development, among others. For this purpose, it is proposed to investigate the valuation of electricity for selected residential consumers, through a direct approach and evaluation, using an economic and social cultural perspective, which, respectively, are linked to knowledge of the Cost of Interruption and Theory of Practice. Using knowledge as complementary theoretical objects, it is expected, qualitatively, to evaluate the direct damages and impossibility of carrying out activities that are not economically valuable due to a situation of long-term power outages. The proposed methodology is linked to a case study based on semi-structured interviews, based on a questionnaire adapted to include questions related to both areas of knowledge.

Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 1544340 - PATRICIA TEIXEIRA LEITE ASANO
Membro Titular - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - JACYRO GRAMULIA JUNIOR - IFSP
Presidente - Externo ao Programa - 433669 - FABIANA APARECIDA DE TOLEDO SILVA
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Interno ao Programa - 1545701 - IVAN ROBERTO SANTANA CASELLA
Membro Suplente - Examinador(a) Externo à Instituição - EDUARDO WERLEY SILVA DOS ANGELOS
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