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DATA : 23/04/2021
HORA: 09:00
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Biodiesel in the context of the national biofuel policy: parameters analysis for the emission of CBIOs by certified plants

ÁREA: Fontes Alternativas de Energia

Biodiesel is defined as a fuel composed of alkyl esters of long-chain carboxylic acids, produced from the transesterification of fatty substances of vegetable origin (oils) or animals (fats), with Brazil being the second largest producer in the world. In order to meet the goals defined in the Paris Agreement (2015) and the scenario established in the Plano Nacional de Energia 2030, Brazil built the National Biofuels Policy (called RenovaBio), recognizing the importance of biofuels in the Brazilian energy matrix. The main objective of this dissertation was to study the values of the Notas de Eficiência Energético Ambiental (NEEA), the fraction of the volume of eligible biofuel (VE) and the factor for the emission of CBios required by the biodiesel plants that certification received, in addition to selecting which how RenovaBio can help to build possible scenarios for 2030. RenovaCalc spreadsheets and validation reports of the biodiesel plants that joined RenovaBio were analyzed, dividing them into two groups according to their Environmental Energy Efficiency Notes. Check if a RenovaBio has a theoretical framework rich in information and culminates in a State project that can help Brazil to fulfill its GHG reduction goals. RenovaCalc proved to be a simple tool to work with and that calculates the impact of all the production phases of a biofuel. An analysis of the plants revealed that the highest values obtained from NEEA were for plants that do not have an eligible fraction of soybeans, but this does not represent a competitive advantage. RenovaBio's incentive to use eligible raw materials such as soybean oil from producers with a Rural Environmental Registry and beef tallow could change the outlook for the growth in the use of palm biodiesel for 2030. It is expected that the plants will become better about their processes regarding the use of agricultural inputs and energy, so that the certifications represent exactly what was consumed for the production of biofuel.

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