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Produção Intelectual

Artigos (30)

  • 2019, Marcos Antônio Arlindo Soares, Giordano Márcio Gatinho Bonuzzi, Daniel Boari Coelho, Camila Torriani-Pasin , Effects of extrinsic feedback on the motor learning after stroke, ISSN: 19806574
  • 2019, SILVA-CAVALCANTE, MARCOS D., COUTO, PATRÍCIA GUIMARAES, AZEVEDO, RAFAEL DE ALMEIDA, GÁSPARI, ARTHUR FERNANDES, Daniel Boari Coelho, LIMA-SILVA, ADRIANO EDUARDO, BERTUZZI, ROMULO , Stretch-shortening cycle exercise produces acute and prolonged impairments on endurance performance: is the peripheral fatigue a single answer?, ISSN: 14396319
  • 2019, Carla da Silva Batista, Carlos Ugrinowitsch, LIRA, JUMES LEOPOLDINO DE OLIVEIRA, DAVID, FABIAN J., CORCOS, DANIEL M., MATTOS, EUGENIA CASELLA TAVARES, Daniel Boari Coelho, DE LIMA-PARDINI, ANDREA C., Camila Torriani-Pasin, DE FREITAS, TATIANA BELINE , Short-term resistance training with instability reduces impairment in V wave and H reflex in individuals with Parkinson?s disease, ISSN: 87507587
  • 2019, DE SOUZA NUNES, MARCELO EDUARDO, CORREA, UMBERTO CESAR, DE SOUZA, MARINA GUSMAN THOMAZI XAVIER, BASSO, LUCIANO, Daniel Boari Coelho, SANTOS, SUELY , Self-controlled Knowledge of Performance Does Not Improve the Learning of Golf Putting by Older Persons, ISSN: 10638652
  • 2019, Daniel Boari Coelho, Corina Aparecida Fernandes, Alessandra Rezende Martinelli, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Right in Comparison to Left Cerebral Hemisphere Damage by Stroke Induces Poorer Muscular Responses to Stance Perturbation Regardless of Visual Information, ISSN: 10523057
  • 2019, SELFSLAGH, AURELIE, SHOKUR, SOLAIMAN, CAMPOS, DEBORA S. F., DONATI, ANA R. C., ALMEIDA, SABRINA, YAMAUTI, SEIDI Y., Daniel Boari Coelho, BOURI, MOHAMED, NICOLELIS, MIGUEL A. L. , Non-invasive, Brain-controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation for Locomotion Rehabilitation in Individuals with Paraplegia, ISSN: 20452322
  • 2018, DE LIMA-PARDINI, ANDREA CRISTINA, Luis Augusto Teixeira, Erich Talamoni Fonoff, Daniel Boari Coelho, SOUZA, CAROLINA PINTO, SOUZA, CAROLINA OLIVEIRA, GHILARDI, MARIA GABRIELA DOS SANTOS, GARCIA, TIAGO, VOOS, MARIANA, MILOSEVIC, MATIJA, Clement Hamani , Effects of spinal cord stimulation on postural control in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait, ISSN: 2050084X
  • 2018, SILVA-CAVALCANTE, MARCOS DAVID, COUTO, PATRÍCIA GUIMARAES, AZEVEDO, RAFAEL DE ALMEIDA, SILVA, RENATA GONÇALVES, Daniel Boari Coelho, LIMA-SILVA, ADRIANO EDUARDO, BERTUZZI, ROMULO , Mental fatigue does not alter performance or neuromuscular fatigue development during self-paced exercise in recreationally trained cyclists, ISSN: 14396319
  • 2018, Daniel Boari Coelho, BRITO SILVA, MARINA, DE LIMA-PARDINI, ANDREA CRISTINA, REZENDE MARTINELLI, ALESSANDRA, DA SILVA BAPTISTA, THAIS, Renato Teodoro Ramos, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Young and older adults adapt automatic postural responses equivalently to repetitive perturbations but are unable to use predictive cueing to optimize recovery of balance stability, ISSN: 03043940
  • 2018, Eduardo Joaquim Lopes Alho, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Erich Talamoni Fonoff, Helmut Heinsen, Ana Tereza di Lorenzo Alho, Lea Tenenholz Grinberg, Edson Amaro Junior, Glaucia Aparecida Bento dos Santos, Rafael Emidio da Silva, Ricardo Caires Neves, Maryana Carvalho Alegro, Daniel Boari Coelho , High thickness histological sections as alternative to study the three-dimensional microscopic human sub-cortical neuroanatomy, ISSN: 18632653
  • 2018, Luis Augusto Teixeira, COUTINHO, JOANE FIGUEIREDO SERPA, Daniel Boari Coelho , Regulation of dynamic postural control to attend manual steadiness constraints, ISSN: 00223077
  • 2018, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Disambiguating the cognitive and adaptive effects of contextual cues of an impending balance perturbation, ISSN: 01679457
  • 2018, Corina Aparecida Fernandes, Daniel Boari Coelho, Alessandra Rezende Martinelli, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Right cerebral hemisphere specialization for quiet and perturbed body balance control: Evidence from unilateral stroke, ISSN: 01679457
  • 2018, FELIPPE, LEANDRO CAMATI, FERREIRA, GUILHERME ASSUNCAO, LEARSI, SARA KELY, Daniel Boari Coelho, BERTUZZI, RÔMULO, LIMA-SILVA, ADRIANO EDUARDO , Caffeine increases both total work performed above critical power and peripheral fatigue during a 4-km cycling time trial, ISSN: 87507587
  • 2018, Alessandra Rezende Martinelli, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Light touch leads to increased stability in quiet and perturbed balance: Equivalent effects between post-stroke and healthy older individuals, ISSN: 01679457
  • 2017, Andrea Cristina de Lima Pardini, Guilherme A. Zimeo Morais, Joana Balardin, Daniel Boari Coelho, Nametala Maia Azzi, Luis Augusto Teixeira, João Ricardo Sato , Measuring cortical motor hemodynamics during assisted stepping - an fNIRS feasibility study of using a walker, ISSN: 09666362
  • 2017, Sara Carvalho Barbosa Casagrande, Erich Talamoni Fonoff, Rubens G. Cury, Andrea Cristina de Lima Pardini, Daniel Boari Coelho, Carolina de Oliveira Souza, Maria Gabriela Ghilardi, Laura Silveira Moriyama, Luis Augusto Teixeira, Egberto Reis Barbosa , The dramatic improvement of Tardive Dyskinesia movements by inline skating, ISSN: 00283878
  • 2017, Ana Tereza di Lorenzo Alho, Daniel Boari Coelho, Maryana Carvalho Alegro, Maria da Graça Martin, Lea Tenenholz Grinberg, Carlos Augusto Pasqualucci, Helmut Heinsen, Erich Talamoni Fonoff, Edson Amaro Junior, Clement Hamani, Eduardo Joaquim Lopes Alho, Rafael Emidio da Silva, Glaucia Aparecida Bento dos Santos, Ricardo Caires Neves, Luzia Lima Carreira, Carla Monique Marques Araújo, Gleice Magalhães , Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging for the pedunculopontine nucleus: proof of concept and histological correlation, ISSN: 18632653
  • 2017, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Cognition and balance control: does processing of explicit contextual cues of impending perturbations modulate automatic postural responses?, ISSN: 00144819
  • 2017, Nametala Maia Azzi, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Automatic postural responses are generated according to feet orientation and perturbation magnitude, ISSN: 09666362
  • 2017, Andrea Cristina de Lima Pardini, Luis Augusto Teixeira, Rajal Cohen, Fay B. Horak, Edson Amaro Junior, Raymundo Machado de Azevedo Neto, Daniel Boari Coelho, Catarina C. Boffino, Sukhwinder Shergill, Carolina de Oliveira Souza, Rachael Brant, Ellison Fernandes Cardoso, Egberto Reis Barbosa , An fMRI-compatible force measurement system for the evaluation of the neural correlates of step initiation, ISSN: 20452322
  • 2016, Audrey Sartori Cabral, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Motor imagery training promotes motor learning in adolescents with cerebral palsy: comparison between left and right hemiparesis, ISSN: 00144819
  • 2016, Carolina de Oliveira Souza, Andrea Cristina de Lima Pardini, Daniel Boari Coelho, Eduardo Joaquim Lopes Alho, Ana Tereza di Lorenzo Alho, Luis Augusto Teixeira, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Egberto Reis Barbosa, Erich Talamoni Fonoff , Peduncolopontine DBS improves balance in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy: Instrumental analysis, ISSN: 13882457
  • 2016, Daniel Boari Coelho, Catarina Bourlinova, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Higher order balance control: Distinct effects between cognitive task and manual steadiness constraint on automatic postural responses, ISSN: 01679457
  • 2015, Marina Brito Silva, Daniel Boari Coelho, Andrea Cristina de Lima, Alessandra Rezende Martinelli, Thais Silva Baptista, Renato Teodoro Ramos, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Precueing time but not direction of postural perturbation induces early muscular activation: Comparison between young and elderly individuals, ISSN: 03043940
  • 2015, Alessandra Rezende Martinelli, Daniel Boari Coelho, Fernando Henrique Magalhães, André Fabio Kohn, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Light touch modulates balance recovery following perturbation: from fast response to stance restabilization, ISSN: 00144819
  • 2014, Daniel Boari Coelho, Marcos Duarte , Human postural control during standing posture with a muscle-tendon actuator, ISSN: 17558735
  • 2014, VIEIRA, OSVALDO, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Asymmetric balance control between legs for quiet but not for perturbed stance, ISSN: 00144819
  • 2014, Andrea Cristina de Lima, Daniel Boari Coelho, Marina Brito Silva, Nametala Maia Azzi, Alessandra Rezende Martinelli, Fay B. Horak, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Aging Increases Flexibility of Postural Reactive Responses based on Constraints Imposed by a Manual Task, ISSN: 16634365
  • 2014, Rosana Machado de Souza, Daniel Boari Coelho, Luis Augusto Teixeira , Modulation of manual preference induced by lateralized practice diffuses over distinct motor tasks: age-related effects, ISSN: 16641078

Orientações de Pós-Graduação (3)

  • Mestrado, THIAGO KENZO FUJIOKA SHIDA, 02/2020 - , Orientação em Andamento
  • Mestrado, EMANUELE LOS ANGELES NUNES BEZERRA, 02/2021 - , Orientação em Andamento
  • Mestrado, LUANA DOS SANTOS DE OLIVEIRA, 02/2021 - , Orientação em Andamento

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